When  car restoration begins, the vehicle is restored piece by piece from bumper to bumper. Typically, the classic car is entirely dismantled in order to evaluate the frame and check for damage to the undercarriage. The interior of the car is also dismantled  and depending on what is found when this is done, the car’s interior is then replaced, repaired or simply cleaned. The engine of the car is also taken apart during the car restoration process and each component is inspected. If possible, new parts are used to rebuild the engine, but if rebuilding is not an option a new engine can be purchased. If the latter choice must be taken, it is essential that the replacement engine match the original engine specifications associated with the car.

We work almost exclusively on a time and materials basis and do NOT bill unproductive time to the customer,

we don’t beleive that just hanging out next to your car is a billable act.  budgetary concerns should be discussed prior to the project being started, we always try to have the car owner go into a project with their eyes open to the costs of a high quality restoration. Once we begin we will re-evaluate the situation with the owner if hidden rust, damage or other issues are discovered.