Alfa Romeo Service South Melbourne

Alfa Romeo ServiceAlfa Romeo is synonymous with good look, unique style and performance with a touch of Italian passion. With regular servicing and repairs, you can keep your Alfa Romeo running efficiently and performing well for years to come. At Abarth Automotive, we provide complete Alfa Romeo Service to our customers across South Melbourne, Southbank, Albert Park & surrounding suburbs and help to keep your car in excellent condition. Our experience and specialist knowledge on the brand allow us to notice any problem and fix them quickly. We have certified mechanics who are equipped with the state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to detect and resolve underlying problems.

Regular Maintenance:

To keep your Alfa Romeo running well, it is recommended that you have it serviced frequently. During the maintenance service, we will check the whole of your vehicle and replace items that wear out from constant use. In addition, we will give you an analysis of your car’s condition and point out any issues that should be fixed to avoid a breakdown and future problems.

Alfa Romeo Service & Repairs:

We apply our knowledge and expertise to every aspect of repairing your vehicle, ensuring that your car’s unique specifications are met. Our mechanics carry the latest diagnostic tool to offer full-service inspections and repairs for your Alfa Romeo.

You Can Rely On Us For:

  1. General repairs including oil changes and tune up
  2. Inspection and upgrades of all mechanical parts
  3. Brakes replacement and adjustment
  4. Flat tyres, tyre pressure monitor, rotation & fitting
  5. Wheel alignment and balancing
  6. Clutch repair & replacement
  7. Transmission repair & replacement
  8. Steering & suspension repair & replacement
  9. General car repairs for worn or failed parts

Whether you need extensive repairs or routine car service, you can rely on our team to get the job done to the factory standard. Call 03 9690 4348 today to set up an appointment and for a free quote.