Today’s modern vehicles are made with a computerised automatic transmission. However, even a small problem can make those shifts considerably less smooth. If you notice strange sounds or vibrations in your vehicle, it could be the sign of a problem with the transmission. At Abarth Automotive, we provide transmission repair and rebuild services to our customers across South Melbourne at reasonable prices. We have the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose and fix the issue accurately and quickly. 

Warning Signs of a Faulty Transmission:

The check engine light is the first tell-tale sign that your car is having trouble. In addition, you may also notice some unusual sounds or shuddering when something goes wrong with your transmission. In some cases, your transmission tends to shift gears in random ways resulting in inconsistencies and uneven speeds while driving. Moreover, there could be a few seconds delay when you change from parking to driving. Some of these problems seem to be insignificant, but ignoring such issues would make the situation worse.

Transmission Repair:

The automatic transmission is a complex part and is comprised of several components. To find out what has gone wrong with the transmission, it is important to remove it from your vehicle and dismantle it completely. We have the right equipment to take it apart piece by piece and inspect the components individually. If we find that any part is damaged or worn out, we replace it. Once we’ve completed the work, you can be assured that your automatic transmission works perfectly for a long time to come.

Auto Transmission Rebuild:

When your automatic transmission is extensively damaged, you have the option of rebuilding it. The transmission is disassembled and each part is examined for wear and damage. We re-use the components in good condition, whereas parts like torque converters, gears, and transmission bands are replaced with new units.

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