Brakes & Clutches:

Brakes & clutches are an important part of your vehicle’s safety. If you suspect that your vehicle has any problem with these components, having it fixed as quickly as possible is extremely crucial to ensure your safety. At Abarth Automotive, we provide comprehensive brake & clutch service to our customers across South Melbourne.

Brake Repair:

Your car’s braking system is comprised of several components which wear down over time. Each of these components should be repaired or replaced as a part of routine maintenance, but there are certain warning signs that you should pay close attention to.

  • Grinding & squealing noise
  • Leaking fluid
  • Inadequate stopping power
  • Pulsing in the pedal
  • Poor brake force
  • Pulling vehicle to one directly when braking
  • Spongy pedal
  • Locking brakes

If you notice any of the above signs, bring in your vehicle to Abarth Automotive for brake inspection and repair. When it comes to replacements, we use only the best quality parts and get you back on the road quickly & safely.

Clutch Repair:

If you feel that your clutch is slipping or you find it difficult to shift gears, then it could be a sign of a problem with your clutch or manual transmission. We offer comprehensive clutch repair for both foreign and domestic vehicles. Our mechanics deliver outstanding car service and keep your car running reliably for years to come. Here are some of the signs of a clutch problem.

  • Squeaking or grumbling noise when pressed
  • Difficulty in shifting gear
  • Spongy, sticking, vibrating or loose clutch pedal
  • Poor acceleration
  • Slipping clutch

In order to avoid further damage to your brake & clutch, you must have it fixed as soon as it shows the first sign of a problem. At Abarth Automotive, we will swiftly identify & fix the problem and have you on your way in no time! Call us at 03 9690 4348 and schedule an appointment today.

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