Tyres South MelbourneTyres problems can be frustrating. Knowing the signs of the problem with your tyre is extremely crucial so that you can have them repaired or replaced as early as possible, ensuring that your car remains safe to drive at all times. At Abarth Automotive, we specialise in tyre repairs, rotation, fitting, replacement & all other car repairs for all makes and models. We also offer high-quality tyres for those looking to replace their damaged tyres at affordable prices.

Our tyre services include:

Tyre Pressure Monitoring:

The right amount of pressure is essential to ensure that your tyres are getting maximum contact with the road. This leads to even tyre wear and improved fuel economy of your vehicle. Our mechanics check your tyre and maintain the correct amount of pressure, meeting the manufacturer’s specifications.

Tyre Repair:

If you drive at high speed, your tyres are more likely to get damaged. Contact with road hazards at high speeds can cause tyre damage and a loss of control when driving. If you suspect that you’ve sustained a flat or damaged tyre, bring in your vehicle to Abarth Automotive and have it repaired by our mechanics.

Tyre Rotation:

Tyre rotation is an essential part of properly maintaining your tyres and extending their lifespan. When the tyres are not rotated regularly, it leads to uneven tread wear, increased fuel consumption and difficulty in handling. Our mechanics rotate your tyres in the proper pattern, ensuring that all the tyres get uniform wear.

Tyre Fitting & Replacement:

We can supply and fit an extensive range of new tyres from world’s leading brands, and also offer budget tyres that suit every requirement. If you require same day fitting service, we are ready to assist you. Whether it be at home or at your workplace, we fit tyres at a time and place convenient to you.

Keep in mind that tyres are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road. So, proper maintenance is important to ensure the performance, efficiency and safety of your vehicle. For tyre related or any car services, feel free to call our experts at 03 9690 4348 and book an appointment today!

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